We are the leading source for investment property on the Gulf Coast. We have 7 years of total real estate experience and have completed more than 100 real estate transactions in the Mobile and Baldwin County area.

Our goal is to deliver our investors the best possible real estate investment deal. We believe that doing business with honesty and integrity is the only way to secure long-term business relationships.

We don’t just want to sell you a deal. We want to sell you security for your family’s future through the vehicle of real estate investing.
Our clients buy from us via multiple different investment strategies – renovating and flipping property, holding a rental for pure cash flow, selling property on land contracts, holding rentals for both appreciation and modest cash flow – the list goes on.
Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or brand new, we will assist you with our contacts for contractors, financing, insurance, title companies, and attorneys.

If you are a busy professional, we can give you a complete turn-key package. We will assist you in the negotiations, purchase, renovation, tenant placement, and sale of a property for a reasonable fee. Because of the quality of deals that we present, you will be able to make a great return on a hands-free investment.

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